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Contemporary Dining Room Furniture Styles

At the heart of most homes, the dining room is the place where people gather. From a tasty meal with family to entertaining special guests, this is a space for everything and everyone that you love. If drawing focus to the centerpiece of your Maui island home, or latest real estate investment, with the latest trend in home décor sounds like your idea of a good time, then our Mind’s Eye Interiors has a treat for you! Stop by our West Maui Lahaina showroom where you will find affordable collections that can upgrade just about any space.

As one of the best Maui furniture stores on the island, we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for bold statement pieces or something a little more simple, these trending designs have been adding a stylish flair to many of the top luxury homes and with the right furniture, yours can too!

From glass top dining tables to upholstered seating, our hand selected contemporary dining room sets to bring clean lines and modern designs to help you create a unique space that fits your personal style. Our dining room collection comes in a wide variety of wood finishes and materials to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless! And if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, the professional interior designers on our team are available to help guide you through all the options. Food may to be the way to someone’s heart, but we believe that the experience in your expertly curated dining set will sweep just about anyone off their feet!

And why stop there? Bring your favorite contemporary themes from your dining room furniture to the living room as well as your bedroom for a more seamless transition from room to room!